Beautiful smile created by Dr. Ewa Odya Bojanowska

Beautiful smile created by Dr. Ewa Odya BojanowskaPatient Ms. Malgosia has insurance that allowed her to create a smile anywhere in the world however she chose Dr. Ewa.

The patient now works in Brussels – so the smile created by Dr. Ewa, is strongly European.

Dr. Marcin Gruba – fall asleep in the chair

Mrs. Margaret a patient of Dr. Marcin says – this is the first dentist where she managed to fall asleep in the chair.

Patient, she also talks about a difficult life situation in which Dr. Marcin – showed a big heart.

The power of calm – Dr. Kasia Ruchlewicz

The patient says of Dr. Kasia – comparing to other dentists who have treated me before Kasia is top notch. Dr. Kasia, with graceful natural modesty, admits that it gets warm on her heart

Patient Mr. Stanislaw – implant work

No more dentures. Permanent work – implants – teeth that never hurt – as our patient says. Dr. Ewa Odya Bojanowska – has performed a treatment that the patient calls a

Long work on a smile – a dream come true

Dr. Ewa Odya Bojanowska has a fantastic gift for combining professionalism and empathy for others.

A patient, she offered an Asian symbol of heart and cordiality for a photo.

Implants “unmovable” with Dr. Ewa Odya Bojanowska

Mr. Bartosz a patient of Dr. Ewa Odya Bojanowska says that at the doctor is “atomic” and immediately explains that “the teeth are so made that they are unmovable.”

Mr. Bartosz, came to Dr. Ewa when he was a teenager and just stayed there already.

Conservative treatment in a good relationship

Dr. Anna Milewska-Rybienik in a fantastic relationship with patient Ms. Anna.

The patient said of Dr. Anna: Definitely a savior. I have experience from other parts of Poland, as far as Krakow and the difference is very big.

Bonding – the way to a new smile

Bonding, or restoration of the surface of teeth, with a special composite resin.

Our doctor Dominika Urbanowicz with her patient Mr. Przemek.