iTero Element 5D Plus Venetian Scanner - Prodent Gdansk Poland

Best on the Market – ITero Intraoral Scanner

Skanowanie wewnątrz ustne -itero
In the interest of our patients, the clinic has purchased the latest iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral scanner. Thanks to the purchase of the new scanner, the whole process of patient planning and treatment is much simpler and very user-friendly.
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One scan. This is all an intraoral scanner user needs to detect caries at interdental interfaces, simulate future patients, compare scans and check treatment progress, and display occlusal contact points.

The intra-oral images taken through the head mean that there is no need for an impression procedure, so a patient with, for example, a vomiting reflex can feel comfortable.

skull with dentition

The scanner provides:

  • Full scan in just 60 seconds
  • Archive of patient scans to support oral health monitoring.
  • Assistance in the detection of caries at interdental interfaces thanks to NIRI technology
  • Evaluation of occlusion by means of the occlogram function
  • Evaluation of oral hygiene using an integrated intraoral camera
  • Analysis of changes in oral health over time
  • The ability to predict the appearance of a patient’s smile undergoing treatment.


intraoral scanning by Dr. Dominike Urbanowicz