Comprehensive treatment at PRODENT Gdansk

Comprehensive treatment – the case of Mr Martin

Korony pełnoceramiczne w artykulatorze
Marcin is 45 years old and came to our practice on recommendation. He had problems with a number of teeth - inflammation, pain when eating, a missing sixth tooth visible in his smile, causing problems when chewing and an unsightly permanent restoration (crown) on the upper one.
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During the first visit to Prodent Gdansk, a medical interview was conducted with the patient, intraoral radiographs and X-ray examinations were taken, along with a CT scan. Mr Marcin also had the opportunity to tell us his expectations. The patient was scheduled for hygienization and Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska as coordinating doctor, carried out a comprehensive treatment plan based on the X-ray examinations carried out beforehand, a review of the condition of the mouth and teeth and Gerber dynamic arch examination. Comprehensive treatment in the central relationship, alignment of the occlusal plane, balanced occlusal contacts protecting the patient from many future problems were planned.

Treatment included the following procedures:

  • endodontic treatment under the microscope of teeth with inflammatory lesions around the root apexes and restoration of teeth with root-crown inlays – dr. Dorota Cudnik
  • Conservative treatment of teeth with carious defects by placing sealed composite fillings – dr. Dorota Cudnik
  • extraction of teeth no longer suitable for further treatment – dr. Ewa Odya-Bojanowska
  • Ankylos implants in place of missing teeth 46 and 15 with bone augmentation – dr. Ewa Odya-Bojanowska
  • Immediate implantation at the site of the left upper single with an immediate provisional crown due to root resorption and inflammatory lesions that could not be treated. – dr. Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

x-ray of a tooth PRODENT Gdansk

x-ray of a tooth PRODENT Gdanskx-ray of a tooth PRODENT Gdansk x-ray of a tooth PRODENT Gdansk









After three months…

Pantomographic picture, OPG - Prodent Gdansk - before treatment

Pantomographic picture, OPG - Prodent Gdansk - after treatment







Based on the wax-ups previously prepared by technician Jacek Skrzynski of PreciLab – tooth preparations, impressions were made with Impregum polyether compound. In addition, the teeth were secured with temporary crowns.

The Preci Lab then carried out the work using Atlantis individual abutments and a crown on zirconium oxide and onlaya’e E-max. The patient gained biting comfort and a beautiful smile, thanks to the work being done in central relation and getting rid of bacteria from the root canals (through root canal treatment).

All patients with similar problems are welcome to attend a consultation.