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‘DSD – Digital Smile Planning’

Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska planowanie uśmiechu DSD
What is DSD? It is a state-of-the-art digital personal smile design concept created by Dr Christian Coachman - a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic dentistry.
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Sometimes patients expect a different end result than the one planned and realised by the dentist. The solution to this problem is to create a visual treatment plan and to know the end result – a beautiful smile that is individually designed, expresses our personality and is compatible with our physical facial features.

During aesthetic treatment planning, the patient is photographed and recorded on a short video. Based on the footage and conversation, all relationships of the mouth, teeth, gums and lips are analysed in the context of how the patient smiles and how they show emotion on their face.

The treatment is planned, without the need for impressions, and the patient can see themselves in the tried-on proposed veneers, for example, before starting a comprehensive collaboration with the clinic.

Dr. Ewa Odya – Bojanowska took part in the digital design smile jurney, a special three-day intensive course on digital smile planning protocols in order to be able to perform DSD on our patients.


Dr. Ewa Odya-Bojanowska at Digital Smile Design course


At the patient’s request, we make this visualisation within minutes and order a special prototype so that the patient can see what he or she would look like if they undertook treatment.

The patient for whom we carry out DSD digital smile planning has a guaranteed repeatable aesthetic. This means that we can actually realise the plan we have made. This is very important because the patient can already make corrections at the visualisation stage. By trying on a personalised smile prototype, we can check how the lips are arranged, how the patient smiles, whether this really corresponds with their face and whether this is the aesthetics they would like to have.
The emotions accompanying such work are so great that patients very often cannot hold back tears of happiness.

Dr. Ewa Odya-Bojanowska at Digital Smile Design course