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Guided Implant Surgery – Implanotlogy Treatment Template

Nowadays, patients demand the highest quality and excellent aesthetic results with a minimum of office visits. To meet these expectations, in our clinic we perform implant procedures using special surgical templates.
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The integrated implant planning process offers innovative benefits in implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation, along with an interdisciplinary team approach that increases efficiency and saves time during the surgical procedure.

These templates are designed by our implantologists Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska and Dr Angelika Bastuba-Bagińska together with dental technician Preci_lab in special computer programs based on the patient’s CT scan.

The templates are printed using the latest 3D technology in special medical resin printers.

The use of a template during treatment allows:

  • Perfect planning of prosthetic work
  • Maximum use of the patient’s bones
  • Avoidance of dangerous anatomical structures: nerves and vessels
  • Reduction in treatment time
  • Performing temporary work prior to surgery
  • Precise positioning of implants
  • Reduces postoperative discomfort
  • Improves patient safety
  • There is usually no need for stitches, which is also a nice aspect for the patient.

The performance of immediate temporary work using a template is important, especially for implantation of anterior teeth and in patients who are edentulous or have advanced periodontitis. The patient receives beautiful new teeth after the procedure, which serve without problems until the final work is performed.