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Is malocclusion worth treating?

...ортодонтія дозволяє мати гарну посмішку, але перш за все вона запобігає появі каріозних порожнин і запаленню пульпи зуба.  Завдяки кращій гігієні порожнини рота вона запобігає пародонтозу, стиранню та руйнуванню зубів, а також дозволяє скронево-нижньощелепному суглобу та жувальним м'язам працювати належним чином.
Malocclusion is present in around 80 per cent of the population, which means that most of us can be affected by this problem.
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Malocclusion is not only crooked teeth that spoil a beautiful smile, it is also a number of other disorders in the relationship of the teeth of the jaws.

The orthodontist is able to diagnose and treat malocclusions that occur:

• crooked teeth in the arch or rotated teeth
• abnormal relationship of the upper teeth to the lower teeth – this is called backbite or forebite ,
• abnormal overlap of the teeth – the upper teeth should cover the lower teeth
• abnormal occlusal planes – deepened Spee curve
• abnormal alignment of the dental arches in the maxilla and mandible
• abnormal tipping of the teeth lingually
• when the teeth are not high enough, i.e. the patient is diagnosed with reduced vertical dimension – VOD.

Colorful orthodontic rubber bands

A reduced vertical dimension can result:

• Problems with the temporomandibular joint – clicking, popping of the disc
• abrasion of the teeth and consequent tooth sensitivity
• fracture of the incisal edges of the front teeth
• shifting of the teeth, spreading in the arch
• chronic headaches
• tinnitus, a feeling of ear blockage
• pain in the muscles of mastication
• inability to open the mouth fully due to blockage of the articular disc

All these problems and discomforts are often unnoticed or underestimated by patients at first, but over time, they can get worse and cause a lot of discomfort. Orthodontic treatment – usually with fixed braces – can help in such situations. Minor malocclusion and irregularities in the position of teeth are very well suited for the correction of malocclusion with braces of the clear aligner type.

Is it worth treating malocclusion? Orthodontist

A correct bite recognises many parameters that are important for the correct chewing of food, the correct function of the temporomandibular joint. It is important to remember that improperly occluded teeth can be the cause of headaches, clenching of teeth and their grinding or breaking. They can also cause pain in the neck and neck muscles, spinal complaints, pain and crackling in the temporomandibular joint.

Gdańsk Orthodontic treatment can restore not only the correct shape of the dental arches but also their correct relationship to each other. As a result, teeth which were previously tightly set and overlapping no longer make it difficult to clean their surfaces and maintain proper oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatment reduces the risk of cavities and root canal treatment.

Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk at the patient's side