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Metamorphosis No. 1

The patient, Mrs Klementyna, came in for treatment to improve her aesthetics. After the examination, it became clear that the patient also needed to have her missing teeth replaced with implants and the occlusal planes aligned. This resulted in an ideal occlusal (occlusal) situation and a beautiful and harmonious smile.

The following procedures were performed on the patient:

  • Gerber work planning,
  • root canal treatment of molars,
  • implants,
  • E-max veneers,
  • all-ceramic crowns on zirconium oxide framework,
  • Performing gingival plication,
  • work performed by: Ewa Odya-Bojanowska surgical and prosthetic part. Cudnik Dorota – endodontic treatment. Prosthetic work performed by: Dental technician Skrzyński Jacek Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 2

The patient came to the Prodent clinic to have her old porcelain bridges replaced with new ones and to have beautiful porcelain veneers made. The patient suffers from hypodontia – missing some of her permanent teeth. The work included reconstructing the occlusion in the correct mandibular position, increasing the vertical dimension.

  • Gerber arc registration,
  • Wax-up in central relationship,
  • Zirconia bridges,
  • E-max veneers.

The treatment was carried out by -dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Performance of prosthetic work – Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 3

The patient appeared for the replacement of old prosthetic restorations. After examination and analysis of the CT images taken, it was determined that all the teeth present in the mouth would unfortunately have to be removed due to periodontitis. The patient was offered immediate implantation in the mandible with a temporary bridge screwed onto the implants at the same time – an “all on six” solution. In the maxilla, on the other hand, due to very poor conditions, a bilateral sinus lift and, after a few months, implants and an overdenture supported on a titanium bar were proposed.

The procedures were carried out using guided surgery ( computer navigation templates).

Photos. 1 top left before treatment, Next right – temporary restoration.

Bottom left – final work, right – final overdenture on 4 implants on a cad-cam titanium bar

In the mandible – a bridge on six implants veneered with porcelain.

Implantology and prosthetics – Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Prosthetic work -Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 4

The patient approached Dr Ewa Odya -Bojanowska in 2009 with the aim of closing the gap between the ones and aligning the remaining teeth visible when smiling. After an orthodontic consultation, it was agreed with the patient that the best way to achieve perfectly beautiful, even teeth would be to make six porcelain veneers.
This was followed by a wax-up, a mock -up trial in the patient’s mouth, a minimal preparation (minimal invasive dentistry) and impressions. After a few days, the patient received a set of beautiful porcelain veneers and a beautiful smile for many years. He could not hide his tears of emotion.

Prosthetic treatment – Dr Ewa Odya-Bokjanowska

Prosthetic work – dental technician Anita Walerzak

Metamorphosis No. 5

The patient came to the Prodent clinic with the problem of periodontitis, through which he was gradually losing his teeth, and those that remained in the mouth were severely loosened, which was painful and troublesome. The patient also suffered from ill-fitting dentures and had problems biting and eating, and wanted to smile without complexes and live life to the full.

After the necessary examinations and X-rays and CT scans were performed, bone atrophy around all teeth, inflammation around the roots making the prosthetic bridges impossible. Treatment with dental implants and implant-supported screw-retained bridges was proposed. This treatment lasted four months, with the patient functioning throughout this time with a temporary restoration fixed on the implants immediately after implantation.

Stages of treatment:

  • implant planning and preparation of temporary bridges
  • The following procedures were carried out: simultaneous extraction of teeth and placement of implants, on the same day the patient received a beautiful and functional temporary bridge screwed to the implants. First in the jaw, after two weeks in the mandible.
  • After three months, impressions were taken for the final prosthetic work – an implant-supported, porcelain-fixed bridge. The patient can now bite even the hardest foods without stress.

Implantology and Prosthodontics – Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska ,

Metamorphosis No. 6

The patient had been treated for periodontal disease-paradontosis for many years. Despite his efforts, he had lost some teeth and a considerable amount of bone, especially in the jaw. His wish was to regain a beautiful smile and good chewing function.

The patient was offered a treatment plan that included:

  • Sinus lift procedure on the left side,
  • Root extractions and lower right sixth due to a cyst,
  • Implantation in the lower sixth and maxillary premolars on the right side and several teeth on the left side,
  • Whitening of the remaining teeth, fabrication of an implant bridge in the left maxilla, crowns on the remaining implants,
  • Fabrication of porcelain veneers in the upper arch and porcelain overlays for the lower sevenths.
  • After handing over the work, the patient did not want to stop smiling, even though we had found it difficult to take such a picture a few months earlier.

Implantology and prosthetics – Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Prosthetics work Technician Jacek Skrzynski Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 7

Patient with abnormal tooth mineralisation probably caused by excessive antibiotic intake during childhood.

She had been treated for many years in various surgeries, with not very good results. As a result of incorrect root canal treatment and the presence of perforations, she lost several molars. She wanted to regain function and have a beautiful smile. All necessary radiographs, a CT scan, a Gerber arch examination were performed and, after analysing all the data, the following treatment was proposed:

  • Wax-up of all teeth in central relationship,
  • Extraction of diseased teeth,
  • Implantation in place of lost molars,
  • Gingivoplasty in the maxillary region of the anterior teeth – correction of the shape of the gums,
  • Root canal treatment and fabrication of crown and root inlays to strengthen the roots,
  • Implant-supported crowns and bridges,
  • Zirconia crowns for upper lower lateral teeth,
  • Porcelain veneers on lower anterior teeth.
  • At the end of the work, the patient was very happy and satisfied with the result, which she completed with a hyaluronic acid lip augmentation treatment.

Endodontics – Dr Anna Milewska Rybienik

Implantology and prosthetics Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Prosthetic work – technician Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 8

The patient’s teeth were reconstructed, through prosthetic work, using porcelain veneers.

The treatment was carried out by -dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Porcelain veneers -Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 9

The following procedures were carried out to regain the patient’s healthy and beautiful smile:

  • Short-circuit reconstruction according to Gerber
  • Crowns e max
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Implants in the right and left upper sixth area

Implant and prosthetic treatment – Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Prosthetic work -Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

Metamorphosis No. 10

The patient had a problem with an unsightly smile and missing teeth. The patient had limited financial resources so implant treatment was not possible. An all-ceramic, zirconia bridge was fabricated.

Prosthodontics Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska

Prosthetic work -Jacek Skrzyński Preci lab

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