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Why is cosmetic dentistry such a popular choice?

Cosmetic dentistry is the part of dentistry concerned with restoring a harmonious and beautiful smile, combining elements of art, knowledge and technology. It requires an individual approach to the patient’s problem , sensitivity and aesthetic sense, analysis of facial aesthetics, shape and alignment of teeth, assessment of gingival harmony. Very important is the doctor’s experience and manual skills, his/her creativity in the use of the latest digital technologies such as DSD smile analysis and planning or the use of face scanning software – Bellus 3D.Success in aesthetic dentistry is guaranteed by the precision of the doctor’s work and the perfect work of the dental technician.

What does aesthetic treatment look like at Prodent?

Aesthetic treatment planning is based on taking and analysing photographs of the patient, scanning the dentition, analysing models and X-rays. The practitioner then identifies the patient’s needs and options together with the patient. In many cases, digital smile planning is performed, supported by a motivational wax-up. Together with the doctor, the patient determines and selects the most convenient treatment method. At Prodent, the entire workflow is digital, and thanks to our cooperation with Preci lab, we have templates and prosthetic work programmed in Exoplan and Exocad.

Ways to achieve a harmonious smile are:

  • Aesthetic composite fillings,
  • Braces treatment,
  • Teeth whitening,
  • Porcelain veneers,
  • Porcelain inlay and onlay restorations
  • Gingivoplasty,
  • Implants.

What is the use of composite fillings?

Aesthetic composite restorations

These are fillings placed with particular care, in isolation of the treatment area using a cofferdam using high-quality composites from well-known companies-Enamel Plus, Gaenial, Gradia. These fillings have the full anatomy of the tooth surface mapped and are perfectly integrated and invisible. As a result, they last for many years.


Bonding is a safe, friendly and painless method for correcting the shape and colour of teeth, using small amounts of composite resins perfectly polished with diamond pastes. Bondig is the ideal, safe solution for minor corrections, closing diastemas or interdental gaps. It is also used after orthodontic treatment to restore worn incisal edges. Bonding serves patients for several years. Bonding is a direct method, performed by an experienced dentist with a high sense of aesthetics and manual skills. The materials used for bonding at Prodent are the best Enamel composites on the market.

Injection flow technic

A method involving the rapid and simultaneous lengthening of multiple worn-down, cracked teeth using flow composite and special silicone splints prepared in advance by a technician on a wax-up basis.

The method serves mainly as a supplement to functional treatment in the case of masticatory organ rehabilitation, as a temporary supplement in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders. It allows a rapid change in the shape and colour of the tooth. The flow injection technique is gaining more and more applications due to its friendly procedure and relatively attractive price. The technique is completely painless and reproducible. It offers comfort and reassurance to the patient.

What is braces treatment?

...ортодонтія дозволяє мати гарну посмішку, але перш за все вона запобігає появі каріозних порожнин і запаленню пульпи зуба.  Завдяки кращій гігієні порожнини рота вона запобігає пародонтозу, стиранню та руйнуванню зубів, а також дозволяє скронево-нижньощелепному суглобу та жувальним м'язам працювати належним чином.

It allows the natural beauty of the teeth to be exposed in the best possible way. Through the use of fixed braces and clear aligner trays, we can straighten teeth, make them taller and more visible, especially the side teeth.

Treatment with fixed braces is often the beginning of the adventure of changing your image with veneers. It is worth remembering that after orthodontic treatment we can sometimes, thanks to small procedures such as whitening and bonding, achieve a “Hollywood smile” and, above all, health. At Prodent, we always take a holistic approach to problems, including aesthetics.

Teeth whitening

Whitening involves returning teeth to their natural colour darkened by food, nicotine or coffee . Whitening is most effective with the use of a laser or a Beyond whitening lamp supplemented with overlays for home whitening with whitening gel. Teeth whitening requires a prior hygiene package, the effect lasts for several months .The patient must remember to follow a special diet eliminating strongly coloured foods and drinks, in particular coffee, tea, red wine, turmeric and beetroot.

Prodent veneers at Prodent

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin porcelain veneers bonded to the labial surface of the tooth. They are used to correct the shape and colour of teeth, to restore fractured incisal edges of enamel, to close gaps between teeth, the so-called trem or diastemas.In some cases they may be non-prep-restorations which do not require polishing of tooth enamel. They are fabricated by a dental technician on the basis of a previously prepared digital or wax-up design on a plaster model, checked in the mouth by means of a so-called mock -up. The mock -up is used to check the shape of the future veneers, allowing for their correction and the patient’s acceptance of the future smile.

Veneers are milled from E -max porcelain and individualised for each patient. For patients with exceptional aesthetic sensitivity, we provide a premium service – veneers fired on platinum foil. They are characterised by an extraordinary effect – a perfect reproduction of nature.

What is inlay, onlay?

Aesthetic composite restorations

It is the best restoration in posterior teeth. It is made by a dental technician on the basis of an impression or a scan of the teeth, of E-max porcelain or zirconium oxide, in some cases of special composite. They are cemented by the dentist onto composite cements in a cofferdam, so that the lifespan of this type of restoration is 20 to 25 years. Advantages of onlays include:

  • ideal anatomy of the chewing surface of the tooth giving ideal occlusal contacts,
  • perfect marginal seal – many years of durability and protection against caries,
  • perfectly matching the colour to the remaining teeth or changing the colour at the patient’s request,
  • correct contact points between adjacent teeth to prevent food debris from entering the interdental spaces.

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Gingivoplasty -correct gummy smile -gummy smile

Sometimes beautiful and healthy teeth are covered too much by gums. An aesthetic smile is a balance and harmony of white and pink, taking into account the canons of beauty and golden proportions. Disturbances in the aesthetics of the gums are very visible, especially with a large upper lip dynamic. Patients are embarrassed to smile and have complexes. With gum correction procedures, entire crowns of teeth previously covered can be exposed.

At Prodent we perform:

  1. Gigivoplasty – levelling the gum line with the help of a laser, most often with the help of a special template,
  2. Gigivosteoplasty – alignment of gum line and removal of excess bone .This procedure is safe and painless, performed using microsurgical tools and 3D digitally planned printed templates. The results are impressive, allowing for a harmonious, beautiful smile. They are sometimes required for treatment with porcelain veneers and always considered by our specialists during aesthetic treatment.

Why implants and who for?

Implants replace missing teeth in the most natural way, they are physiological, durable and effective. They give a sense of comfort, allow nice pronunciation, chewing food , support the contour of the lips and cheeks. 

In the case of the aesthetic zone – that is, the front teeth – they are the ideal, most desirable solution. Sometimes in the case of loss of gums, soft tissues and disruption of pink aesthetics, microsurgical procedures such as soft tissue transplantation are necessary to improve them.

At Prodent, aesthetics are as important as function, and in our daily work we seek the best solutions to achieve harmonious beauty in our patients. Analysis, planning for predictable lasting results that we achieve are our forte.