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Why are implants the best solution for patients?

  • A dental implant is the best and most physiological way to replace a missing tooth. This is because it imitates a natural tooth in the closest possible way, resulting in the correct transmission of chewing forces. This allows the teeth to remain in their correct positions and also protects the alveolar process from atrophy.
  • An implant is a specially designed screw made of titanium with the right parameters – so-called class 4 – which is inserted into a previously made hole in the patient’s bone or into the place where a tooth has just been extracted. completely painless, under local anaesthesia.
  • Implants are a predictable and reliable solution to the problem of missing a single tooth as well as extensive cavities and toothlessness.
  • Thanks to the use of premium implants only from renowned companies, we have a guarantee of quality, precision and long-lasting rebuildability
  • The use of dental implants avoids the need to grind adjacent teeth
  • are friendly and easy to clean

Why are implants the best solution for patients?

Dental implants are the ideal solution in every situation. It is possible to restore a single tooth with a screwed or cemented crown on an implant abutment, or a bridge on 2 or more implants – if several teeth are missing. In the case of patients who have already lost all their teeth and use removable dentures, implants allow the fitting of special beams and overdentures. With such a denture, the patient can even bite into hard foods (e.g. bite into a bite of apple) without stressing about the denture falling out. These dentures do not have acrylic on the palate, so patients can once again enjoy the sensation of taste and food temperatures. Patients with periodontitis and painful removable teeth – thanks to the implants, bridges screwed onto 4 or 6 implants (All on 4/all on 6) can be obtained in as little as one day. Patients’ comfort and joie de vivre return and their smile is priceless for us. 

What sets us apart?

At our Prodent clinic, we use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to perform implant surgery using surgical templates printed in 3D printers. The templates are made precisely on the basis of previously performed CT scans and scans of the patient’s teeth.

They are designed by our implantologists using computer programmes specially designed for this purpose (Exoplan, Simplant), allowing both the planning and execution of the prosthetic work with incredible precision, minimising the effects of surgical interference.

Surgical templates give us the ideal prosthetic position for the implants by allowing us to precisely adjust the size of the implant, allowing us to make maximum use of the patient’s own bone. They significantly shorten the operation time and reduce possible negative postoperative feelings. They enable so-called free procedures, i.e. procedures in which the doctor does not make any cuts in the gums, and therefore the surgical interference is minimal. They make it possible to carry out the implant procedure and the placement of the crown in one day, as well as the preparation of a perfect temporary. All patients for whom we have used surgical templates to date are very satisfied with the results and positively surprised by the friendliness of the procedure.

Why implants at Prodent?

At our Prodent clinic, all implant procedures are performed by experienced implantologists who have carried out hundreds of documented implantations. Each procedure is always performed under anaesthesia, completely pain-free. We attach great importance to patient comfort during the procedures and try to reduce the stress associated with the procedures as much as possible.

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What is the examination before implantation?

Each procedure is planned in detail on the basis of diagnostic tests performed:

  • CBCT – computed tomography imaging in 3D the anatomy of the alveolar process, its width, height, bone density, proximity to nerves and blood vessels;
  • 3D imaging of tissues and tooth surfaces made with the MEDIT i-500 intraoral scanner;
  • analysis of the patient’s occlusal situation – performing, as one of the few in Poland, a specialized examination with the Gerber facial arch, so that all crowns, bridges, works on implants made by PRODENT are perfectly matched, and give many years of guarantee of comfort of use and a beautiful smile.
  • Histopathological examination – if necessary,