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Why is implantoprosthetics the best solution for patients?

It offers patients a range of different prosthetic solutions adapted to the anatomy, age and, above all, the needs of the patient.

Implant work is planned at the beginning of implant treatment.

Implantoprosthetics offers fixed and removable solutions as well as hybrid solutions (fixed removable) – removable only for hygiene purposes. Each of these is individually planned for the patient and tailored to his or her needs, taking into account aesthetic and functional aspects, the amount of bone and soft tissue and the necessary lip support in the case of edentulous teeth.

Types of implant work at Prodent


Implant-supported crowns


It is a single crown on an implant, restoring a single missing tooth. The crown can be cemented or screwed in place.

A prosthetic abutment is the component that connects the implant screw in the patient’s bone to the porcelain crown. The abutment may be standard (factory-made), anatomical (Atlantis) or reduced to a small element, the so-called titanium base (in the case of screw crowns). At Prodent we offer you:

  • Crown on a standard abutment together with a full crown as a solution in the lateral section,
  • Crown on Atlantis abutment – an individual titanium abutment, in some situations gold-plated, especially in the aesthetic zone together with an all-ceramic cemented crown,
  • An all-ceramic crown cemented on a hybrid abutment – zirconia on a Ti-Base,
  • Ti-Base titanium screw-on all-ceramic crown,

Crowns cemented on individual abutments and screw crowns have an ideal anatomical shape, perfectly support the gingiva around the implant (shaping the so-called emergence profile) and guarantee a perfect seal of the prosthetic restoration. They are better in terms of long-term use, because cementitis – inflammation of the gum around the implant – is avoided. It is therefore worth choosing the most functional solution.

Implant-supported bridges

Implant bridges are nothing more than porcelain bridges set on two or more implants. They replace three to several missing teeth in the mouth. Porcelain implant-supported bridges can be cemented onto prosthetic abutments or screwed directly onto implants

Implant-supported bridges are a great solution, dedicated to all patients regardless of age. They can ideally replace several missing teeth without the need for removable dentures. In cases of severe bone or gum atrophy, we offer bridges with so-called pink porcelain, which will satisfy even the most demanding patients. Porcelain implant-supported bridges are also an economical solution, as they minimise the number of implants needed. At Prodent, all implant-supported porcelain bridges are designed in special computer programmes (Cad Cam technology) and made of zirconia, making them very strong and highly aesthetic.


A screw-retained implant-supported bridge (4 OR 6) is a very convenient, practical solution for patients who are edentulous or who need to replace all their teeth in the maxilla or mandible with dentures. An implant-supported bridge is a one-piece work, screwed to special abutments permanently fixed in the mouth. These bridges can be monolithic zirconia, titanium veneered with porcelain or composite. Their lifespan is a dozen or more years. The minimum number of implants for screw-retained bridges is four, while in the maxilla, we offer our patients a choice of six. Screw-retained bridges with implants are an alternative to removable dentures, have no elements lying on the palate, give patients the comfort of eating and speaking, which improves their self-esteem and self-confidence in everyday life.

The advantage of using an implant-supported screw-retained bridge is:

  • Very high aesthetics and the possibility of reproducing the natural gum line
  • High comfort of use – the prosthesis is fixed like your own teeth, which eliminates the need for awkward removal of the prosthesis
  • Possibility of dismantling the bridge for possible repair,
  • Ability to chew hard foods without moving the denture
  • No acrylic elements on the palate to prevent the taste and temperature of food,
  • If there are any problems with any of the implants, the practitioner has the option of treating them without destroying the prosthetic work.



Prodent_Stomatologia_Dentysta_Gdansk_proteza overdenture na dwóch implantach.jpg

This is the easiest and quickest way to stabilise a lower denture made entirely of acrylic. These dentures usually have very poor retention in the mouth, cause great discomfort when speaking and biting, are very often the cause of gum injury and simply cause fear of them falling out.

A denture stabilised on two implants requires only two implants and, after a period of about three months, the prosthodontist installs special prosthetic connectors of the locator type in the implants and caps in the prosthesis. The patient inserts the prosthesis onto the locators in a very simple way by pressing lightly and can enjoy greater comfort. The locators require periodic changes of small seals – once every year or two, depending on the patient – at a low cost.



Overdenture fixed on telescopic crowns (on implants) is a work made with hybrid technology, acrylic-metal, acrylic only (in the case of dentures on Syncone) or a work made of modern PEEK material with composite crowns. We carry out these works in situations where, for example, the patient has several natural teeth remaining . The telescopic crowns are not connected to each other, so that if there are problems with the implant or with the patient’s own teeth, it is possible to help and repair the work.



A titanium bar overdenture is the type of work we refer to as fixed removable. This means that the denture is so firmly fixed to the bar that you basically have to exert a little effort to remove it. This is advantageous because it basically functions like a fixed work.

Overdentures are very aesthetically pleasing and easy to keep clean

We carry out such work:

  • in cases where there is extensive bone and gum loss,
  • in elderly patients and in situations where upper lip support is needed to make the patient look younger and more favourable,
  • for patients with limited manual dexterity, e.g. Parkinson’s disease, muscular paresis, the very elderly

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Advantages of using beam-mounted work on implants:

  • Comfort and convenience,
  • Easy oral hygiene,
  • High aesthetics,
  • Good sensation of food tastes and temperature,
  • Filling the atrophied area and supporting the lips ,
  • Possibility of repairing the work,
  • Lower price than permanent work.