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A beautiful and healthy smile is very important, it positively affects our mood and improves our self-esteem.

Modern orthodontics meets the expectations of patients of all ages. It is never too late to straighten teeth and get rid of complexes. Teeth that are aligned, match each other and are of the right height are more visible when smiling, improve our facial features and thus, thanks to orthodontic treatment, we can achieve a face lift effect. A beautiful smile subtract many years, the patient looks younger and better.

Orthodontics is the field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of maxillofacial defects and correction (straightening) of misaligned teeth in children, adolescents and adults by means of orthodontic appliances. Depending on the type of defect, the patient’s age and his or her expectations, removable appliances, fixed metal or crystal appliances and self-ligating appliances are used for treatment. Orthodontic treatment is in many cases undertaken as part of interdisciplinary treatment, improving conditions prior to prosthetic or implant treatment.

Is orthodontic treatment necessary?

Malocclusion is often invisible to the patient, but the consequences of not treating it can create other problems and diseases. The presence of malocclusion predisposes to: 

  • the formation of carious cavities due to impaired cleaning of the teeth from food residues, 
  • periodontal problems and consequent exposure of the root surfaces and tooth pain when eating,
  • breaking, crushing of incisal edges of teeth,
  • erosion of the enamel on the chewing surfaces of the lateral teeth,
  • lowering the short circuit height,
  • pain in the temporomandibular joints,
  • headaches and pains in the muscles responsible for chewing food, 
  • seplenia, pronunciation problems.

It is worth remembering that.

…orthodontics allows you to have a beautiful smile, but above all it prevents carious cavities and inflammation of the tooth pulp. Through better oral hygiene, it prevents periodontal disease and tooth abrasion or breakage, and enables the temporomandibular joint and the muscles of mastication to work properly.

How is orthodontic treatment carried out at Prodent?

At the Prodent clinic, the treatment of malocclusion (correction of teeth alignment) begins with an orthodontic consultation, during which the orthodontist defines the patient’s expectations, initially assesses the type of malocclusion, and informs about the method and expected length of treatment.

The orthodontist informs you of the advantages and disadvantages of each possible method – treatment with fixed braces, removable braces or clear aligners.

The next visit is an orthodontic examination, during which the doctor takes a medical history, examines the condition of the patient’s mouth, temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles. Also intraoral and facial photographs of the patient are taken, and impressions for diagnostic models are taken. On the basis of the data collected and the analysis of X-rays taken earlier by the patient: pantomogram and cephalometric, the orthodontist makes calculations and determines the final individual treatment plan.

The separations required prior to the fitting of braces – if fixed braces are chosen as the best method of tooth correction – are also fitted at this appointment.

After a week, the orthodontist attaches the braces and the patient thus begins orthodontic treatment.

Types of braces

Fixed metal apart

These are specially designed brackets-small arch retainers-made of metal, glued to the surface of the tooth for the duration of treatment. The arches are attached to the brackets with rubber bands; they change their shape under the influence of heat and are thus able to change the alignment of the teeth in the bone. The arches are replaced during monthly follow-up visits.

Fixed crystal/ceramic braces

In these braces, the brackets are transparent almost invisible. It is a so-called aesthetic brace. However, it is quite delicate. Rhodium-plated fixed braces – very aesthetic and durable at the same time, recommended for people for whom aesthetics is important.

Self-ligating braces

It has special brackets with integrated clamps that hold the arches. This apart is modern, increases the interval between appointments from 8-12 weeks, and is pleasant to use, as the lack of rubber parts makes hygiene easier. Clear aligner braces – this is a system of individually designed, clear overlays. The patient uses the overlays 23 hours a day, taking them out only to eat. These systems are intended for the correction of minor defects. The orthodontist decides on their use.

How does the treatment of the permanent suite proceed?

Czas zakładania aparatu to około 45 minut, przebiega zupełnie bezboleśnie. Przez pierwsze dni pacjent przyzwyczaja się do obecności aparatu w jamie ustnej, odczuwa niewielkie dolegliwości podczas spożywania pokarmów. Dyskomfort jednak szybko mija, zęby zaczynają się przemieszczać w dobre dla nich miejsca. Po 4 tygodniach następuje wymiana ligatur i wtedy ponownie może pojawić się  krótkotrwały dyskomfort, który szybko mija.

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