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Why are parents and children so keen to visit Prodent?

With a view to ensuring that the memories of our young patients are as pleasant as possible and result in a positive attitude to visits to the dentist’s surgery in the future, we try to make adaptation visits for children take place in a friendly atmosphere. During such a visit, children can familiarise themselves with the surgery and also make friends with the doctor, which will allow for stress-free visits in the future. At the end of each visit, the little patients receive a prize.

Prevention is paramount!

The most important issue we pay attention to is prevention, every child should be under constant dental care.

The first visit should take place between 6 and 12 months of age.

Preferably after the first deciduous teeth have erupted. During such a visit, we check the development of the oral and facial cavities and provide information on hygiene and dietary recommendations.

After all milk teeth have erupted, i.e. around the age of 3, a visit to the orthodontist is advisable; the first braces can be used from the age of 4.

It is important for parents to monitor tooth brushing up to one year of age.

Visits for older children should take place around the age of six. This is the time to take special care of the first permanent molars (“sixths”), which are often attacked by caries. Deep fissures and difficult cleaning during eruption result in rapid development of caries.

Consequently, they are the most commonly extracted permanent teeth.

Why should milk teeth be looked after?

The best way is to protect their deep fissures by sealing.

All teeth can be attacked by caries, and untreated caries leads to painful pulp inflammation.

It is important that deciduous teeth remain in the mouth until their natural replacement. Their premature removal can result in crowding and bite abnormalities.

Around the age of 8-9, the four deciduous incisors should be replaced by permanent ones; if this does not happen, the child should be consulted by an orthodontist (X-ray diagnosis is helpful – a panoramic X-ray will evaluate the condition of the permanent teeth and the oral cavity).

Regular check-ups of deciduous and permanent teeth have positive benefits later on, reducing the child’s treatment stress and costs. Painless visits will result in children’s confidence and beautiful smiles.

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