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Teeth whitening Gdansk
- naturally white teeth

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening – is a procedure that removes tiny particles from food, drink and cigarette smoke from the dentin tubules and enamel. These particles darken the naturally white teeth. This treatment is preceded by full oral hygiene, removal of deposits and tartar using an ultrasonic scanner and sandblasting.

Teeth whitening is a simple and quick way to brighten teeth, regain their shine and improve their appearance.

What type of whitening is used at Prodent?

At Prodent, we offer patients two ways to effectively whiten their teeth:

  1. Overlay method – involves whitening teeth with a medium concentration of gel at home, using special multi-use soft overlays. The trays are made by a dental technician. Overlay whitening is friendly and comfortable as the patient decides the whitening level himself; he can whiten his teeth for a few to several days. After this time, a special diet devoid of dyes is obligatory and the use of professional toothpastes extending the effect of the procedure is recommended. After whitening, slight temporary sensitivity may occur. After one year the whitening procedure can be repeated using the same trays, which makes it very economical.
  2. A method using a laser and a Beyond lamp. This method is faster and involves whitening teeth with a stronger concentration of gel along with a special catalyst to speed up the treatment and increase its effectiveness. The laser or lamp light speeds up the entire process. The treatment is carried out by a dentist or a certified hygienist. It lasts approximately 45 minutes and may cause temporary sensitivity.

After whitening, a special so-called “white diet” should be observed and professional oral hygiene products should be used to prolong the whitening effects. The treatment should not be performed more often than once a year.

Discover our special whitening package!

At Prodent, we offer you a special office and home whitening package- whitening in the office using light and enhancing the effect by whitening your teeth several times at home. 

Teeth whitening will not change the shape and alignment of teeth. In some cases, together with minor corrections with composite bonding resins, it can give the patient a beautiful smile for a long time.