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Why are more and more people suffering from various types of masticatory dysfunction?


The human stomatognathic system is a complex and delicate system of multiple anatomical structures working together:

  • teeth,
  • masticatory muscles,
  • Temporomandibular joints,
  • nervous system and spine.

Ideally, in a healthy person, this system works smoothly, fluently and seamlessly giving full comfort in chewing, speaking and causes no pain. Unfortunately, this situation is quite rare. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from various dysfunctions of the masticatory system.

When any part of this delicate system malfunctions, changes occur that affect the functioning of our entire organism.

What negatively affects the masticatory organ?

  • stress,
  • malocclusion,
  • loss of one or more teeth,
  • postural defects and spinal curvatures,
  • too low fillings in teeth,
  • overloading of teeth, clenching, grinding of teeth,
  • jaw injuries,
  • poorly made prosthetic restorations (dentures, crowns),
  • incorrectly treated malocclusion.

What symptoms should worry us?

What we should pay attention to are: 

  • increased tooth abrasion,
  • Enamel crumbling,
  • the onset of muscular tension, headache and neck pain,
  • the appearance of tinnitus,
  • ear pain without an identifiable cause,
  • skipping the puck in the SSZ,
  • the appearance of crackling, clicking, creaking,
  • restriction of mouth opening and, in extreme cases, blockage of the articular disc, i.e. the inability to open the mouth fully,
  • mandibular deviation,
  • pain when eating, problem when biting and chewing food,
  • severe paroxysmal headache.

At Prodent we take a comprehensive approach to every problem

We are able to help patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders by taking a holistic approach to each case. The key element is to make an accurate diagnosis and correctly identify all of the Patient’s complaints. This is why we carry out a multi-stage diagnostic examination in the central relation system according to prf Gerber. The examination in this system consists in the analysis of occlusion and occlusal articulation on models. Determining the central occlusion is the most important and most difficult stage in the treatment of a TMJ dysfunction. It consists of causal treatment with bite splints or repositioning splints and prosthetic and orthodontic treatment.
If you suffer from any of these ailments, we invite you to visit our clinic for a detailed diagnosis and to prepare a comprehensive treatment plan.

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