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Price List

Conservative dentistry

At our Clinic, we offer you a full range of conservative dentistry and caries prevention services:

  • oral hygiene including hygiene instruction (ultrasonic scaling)
  • removal of superficial and deeper enamel discolouration-sandblasting
  • sealing of fissures with fluoride varnish
  • tooth varnishing with Duraphat varnish
  • treatment of tooth hypersensitivity (biostimulation laser)
  • treatment of tooth decay by restoring shape, function, colour and aesthetics with modern composite materials
  • Restoration of a severely damaged or root canal-treated tooth with a glass fibre post (Fiber Kor, Rely, Rebilda)
  • Biological treatment of very deep caries using glass ionomers from GC-Fuji VII, Fuji IX
Pantomographic or cephalometric lateral skull photograph PLN 100
Computed tomography of the maxilla or mandible PLN 230
Computed tomography of the maxilla and mandible PLN 460
Computed tomography of the selected area (3-4 teeth) PLN 150
Inspection, examination of the state of the mouth and discussion of the X-ray PLN 100
Examination of the oral cavity with execution of a treatment plan PLN 250
Specialist prosthetic-implantological consultation with case presentation and execution of a comprehensive treatment plan PLN 300
Medical advice PLN 150
Comprehensive oral hygiene from PLN 350 to 400
Ultrasonic scaling / sandblasting from PLN 250
Anaesthesia included
Computer-assisted anaesthesia The Wand/SleeperOne included
Composite filling (depending on the size of the filling):
  • Small
from PLN 320 to 350
  • Medium
from PLN 350 to 400
  • Large
from PLN 400 to 500
Aesthetic restoration in the anterior segment (composite veneer, Enamel/Bonding material with wax-up) PLN 800
Composite lateral surface restoration-style italiano PLN 600
Pantomographic or cephalometric lateral skull photograph PLN 100
Computed tomography of the mandibular maxilla I PLN 230
Computed tomography of the mandibular maxilla I PLN 460
Computed tomography of the selected area (3-4 teeth) PLN 150

Root canal treatment
Endodontics (Microscope)

Endodontics – in other words, root canal treatment – consists of removing the pulp (vessels, nerves) from the chamber and root canals, their expansion with special rotary instruments (Protaper, M-two, Reciproc) and their eradication with liquid gutta-percha (BeeFill, Thermafile). All these procedures are carried out under magnification (Leica,Zeiss treatment microscope), under the control of PLANMECA radiovisiography, which enables the doctor to find the mouths of all the root canals and constitutes a success in endodontics. We use an endometer (Rypex) to measure the length of the canal. To protect the patient against aspiration into the respiratory tract or swallowing of the root canal tool, a cofferdam is placed on the treated tooth. In our Clinic, there is a possibility of removing a broken and left-in-canal tool under a microscope using special ultrasonic tips .
Endodontics (treatments are performed using the most precise Leica microscope) 
  • incisors and canines (single canine)
from PLN 1000
  • premolars (bicuspids)
from PLN 1300
  • molars (three canals)
PLN 1650
  • molars (four canals)
PLN 1800
Reendo (root canal re-treatment – individual pricing in the office)individual pricing
Removal of a broken instrument from the root canalPLN 800

Cosmetic dentistry

A beautiful, harmonious smile and healthy teeth are the basis for well-being, guaranteeing higher self-esteem and thus facilitating success in both professional and personal life. Through the pursuit of beauty canons and “smile design”, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to meet these needs and thus positively influence our mental condition. Our work is guided by the principles of biomimetics and minimally invasive dentistry. We can achieve the perfect smile by using:

  • teeth whitening with a safe method
  • porcelain veneers
  • Adhesively cemented porcelain restorations
  • metal-free crowns and bridges (zirconium oxide, E-max)
  • crowns on implants
  • aesthetic orthodontic appliances
  • procedures on the gums (gingivoplasty)

The treatment plan and cost is determined individually for each Patient during a consultation visit to the Clinic. The doctor proposes several solutions – then together with the Patient adjusts the most beneficial option.

Teeth whitening with the BEYOND lamp PLN 900
Teeth whitening with BEYOND lamp + trays PLN 1300
Overlay whitening PLN 1100
Laser whitening PLN 1100

Dental surgery

We offer our patients all basic as well as specialised surgical procedures, such as:

  • extraction (tooth extraction)
  • retained wisdom teeth (eights)
  • apical root resection
  • lengthening the clinical crown
  • gingivosteoplasty
  • curettage
  • incision of an abscess
  • closing the oropharyngeal junction
  • alveolar augmentation
  • sinus lift

Extractions, i.e. the removal of teeth under anaesthesia, cost between PLN 300 and PLN 500, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

The price of tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the procedure and the length of the procedure.

Follow-up after extraction or surgeryFREE
Surgical consultationPLN 250
Removal of permanent teethfrom PLN 400 to 600
Chiselling of a retained toothfrom PLN 800 to 1000
Extraction or chiselling of wisdom teeth (eights)from PLN 1000 to 1200
Laser frenectomy of the frenulum, lip or tonguefrom PLN 300 to 500
Sinus closure (oro-sinus connection after extraction)PLN 800
Extension of the clinical crownfrom PLN 1000 to 1500
Resection of the apex of an incisor or caninefrom PLN 1000
Apex resection of a molarPLN 1500
Resection of the apex of a premolarPLN 1500


In our clinic, we use the ANKYLOS implant system from Dentsply Implants.

All implant procedures are carried out painlessly under local anaesthesia. In the case of insufficient amount of bone, we perform augmentation procedures (increasing the amount of bone and improving its quality), splitting of the alveolar process, lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift). In our clinic, we only use biomaterials from the renowned Swiss and German companies Bottis and Geistlisch for augmentation.

After the period of healing of the implant (3-6 months), we perform prosthetic reconstruction (porcelain crown). In some situations, it is possible to carry out immediate restoration of a tooth on an implant. Modern implantology allows not only the reconstruction of individual teeth, but also the performance of large restorations (dentures on telescopes, bridges, restorations on titanium beams of the CAD-CAM type). We also recommend a simple and quick solution for patients with removable dentures – fixing the denture on locators. Placing only 2 implants results in a stable and immovable prosthesis – the comfort of use improves by 100%. The cost of the implantation procedure with the Ankylos system is PLN 3,200.

We also have an economical Neodent system available PLN 2500.

We now perform most procedures using a surgical template for digital navigation, such a template increases the accuracy, precision and safety of the overall procedure (Simplan and Exoplan).

Implantological consultation with treatment planPLN 300
Implant surgery using a surgical template for digital navigationPLN 2000
Implantation with the Ankylos/Straumann systemPLN 3400
Implantation with the Neodent systemPLN 3000
Exposure of the implant with placement of a healing screwfrom PLN 400
Maxillary sinus lift depending on method and amount of material usedfrom PLN 2000
Bone block transplantationfrom PLN 4000
Bone augmentation (price depends on amount of biomaterial used)from PLN 1500
Connective tissue transplantationfrom PLN 1000 to 2500
Surgical template procedurefrom PLN 1500
Widening of the gingival zone associated with FGGfrom PLN 1500
Smile in one day ( temporary work + all-on-four,all-on-six implants)from PLN 27 000 to 29 000


Comprehensive oral reconstruction plan with discussionPLN 1000
Porcelain or all-ceramic crown on implant with abutmentfrom PLN 3500
All-ceramic crown with Atlantis individual abutment (Straumann Ankylos system)from PLN 3500
3-point implant-supported bridgefrom PLN 8000
4-point implant bridgefrom PLN 10000
Multi-point implant-supported bridgeindividual pricing
Beam + NEODENT overdenture individual pricing
( after temporary work)
from PLN 21000
Beam + overdenture ANKYLOS/ STRAUMANN individual pricing
( after provisional work )
from PLN 25000
Temporary long-term work bolted onfrom PLN  6000 to 10000
Bolted full arch bridge + titanium beamfrom PLN 30000 to 40000
Overdenture on telescopesindividual pricing
Overdenture on titanium barfrom PLN 2000
Acrylic prosthesis on 2-6 implantsfrom PLN 12000 to 18000
Temporary crown on implantsfrom PLN  900 to 1200


Modern prosthetics makes it possible to restore lost tooth tissue in a safe, predictable and highly aesthetic manner.

  • We guarantee perfect marginal tightness, preservation of the contact point, i.e. there is no overlap of neighbouring teeth on top of each other or the effect of glued teeth.
  • We select the best matching colour in consultation with the patient and technician, and recreate the shape of the cusps and fissures. The tooth remains alive!
  • We specialise in short-circuit reconstruction. The lifespan of this type of restorative work is very long, statistically around 15 – 20 years.

In our clinic we use all the latest solutions and cooperate with the best prosthetic laboratories in the Tricity. We do not compromise – quality is always the most important! In our clinics we perform all types of prosthetic work (removable and fixed).

Prosthetic consultationfrom PLN 250
Prosthetic consultation with treatment planfrom PLN 250
All-ceramic veneerfrom PLN 2300
E-max all-ceramic crownfrom PLN 2300
All-ceramic crown on zirconium oxide frameworkfrom PLN 2300
Zirro monolithic zirconia crownfrom PLN 2000
Temporary crown made in the officeFREE
Temporary PMMA crown made in the laboratoryPLN 200
Individual colour selectionPLN 250
Crown-root inlayPLN 750
Split-root crown inlayPLN 800
inlay, onlay, composite overlayPLN 1500
inlay, onlay, porcelain overlayPLN 2300
Skeletal denturePLN 4000
Precision retention elements (1 element)PLN 1300
Acrylic complete denturePLN 3800
Total prosthesis made with individual joint pathway registrationPLN 3800
Recording the central relationship using Prof. Gerber’s methodPLN 1500
splint for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disordersPLN 1500
Night guard railPLN 800
Temporary splint after tooth extractionPLN 800


It is the field that deals with the treatment of abnormalities in the alignment of teeth and disorders of the bone structure of the dental system (alveolar, maxillary, mandibular). Malocclusion can be acquired, congenital or hereditary. Congenital malocclusions develop during the prenatal period (before the child is born). The most common congenital malformations are cleft palate, hypodontia and syndromes with abnormalities of the craniofacial structure. These defects can be inherited in subsequent generations. Hereditary defects are those that parents pass on to their children, who pass on to the next generation. Such defects include, for example, hypodontia (absence of the set of certain teeth), diastema, and skeletal defects (abnormalities in the structure and mutual proportions of the jaw bones) such as prognathism (excessive growth of the mandible), open skeletal bite, deep skeletal bite. Acquired defects are those that develop after birth as a result of harmful internal and external factors. Internal factors include, for example, various systemic diseases, hormonal disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and others. External factors include, for example, faulty posture, various harmful habits (e.g. finger sucking, nail biting) and abnormal function of the muscles of the mouth (tongue, lips, cheeks, muscles that move the jaw), such as mouth breathing, speech defects and persistent infantile swallowing. Untreated decay of deciduous teeth and their premature loss also contribute to the development of acquired malocclusion.

Our clinic offers you orthodontic treatment for children and adults, from simple malocclusion to complex cases requiring interdisciplinary orthodontic-surgical-prosthetic treatment. In our offer you will find:

  • fixed metal and aesthetic appliances
  • metal and aesthetic selfligating appliances
  • removable appliances
  • trainers
  • Clear Aligner( a system of overlays for the correction of malocclusion)
  • microimplants

Removable braces are made in a dental laboratory based on a plaster model of the patient’s jaws. They are most commonly used for children and adolescents during the growth period. Properly planned removable braces allow for very effective orthodontic therapy, provided the patient cooperates closely. This type of appliance has a beneficial effect on the correct development of the facial skull and on the positioning of teeth. They often make it possible to cure a malocclusion without having to extract teeth.
Trainers are a type of removable appliance. They are made of flexible silicone and it is not necessary to take impressions of the patient’s jaws to apply them. Such braces are selected on the basis of the type of malocclusion and the patient’s age.

Trainers are extremely useful in patients with abnormal habits and dysfunctions (thumb sucking, dummy sucking, nail biting, speech defects, habitual mouth breathing, etc.).

Fixed braces, i.e. braces that the patient cannot remove from the mouth on their own. All fixed braces used in our practice work using the SWA technique (stright wire appliance = straight arch technique), which allows for excellent treatment results every time. The correct alignment of the teeth is programmed in the slots of the brackets bonded to the teeth, and “read” through the preformed orthodontic arches inserted into these slots, made of special metal alloys that have shape memory. Properly planned treatment and correct placement of brackets guarantees the desired movement of teeth and, as a consequence, excellent and stable treatment results, i.e. correct occlusion and a beautiful, harmonious smile.

Orthodontic consultationPLN 200
orthodontic examination with documentationPLN 400
fixed braces – milled brackets (1 arch)PLN 2500
fixed braces – rhodium-plated brackets (1 arch)PLN 3000
fixed braces – rhodium-plated selfligating brackets (1 arch)PLN 3700
aesthetic fixed braces (1 arch)PLN 4000
fixed aesthetic selfligating braces (1 arch)PLN 4400
fixed self ligaturing braces (1 arch)PLN 2900
inspection of fixed bracesfrom PLN 180 to 300
block apparatusPLN 1550
pressed retention plates (2 arches)PLN 900
Removable appliance (1 plate)PLN 1200
inspection of mobility apparatusPLN 130
digital analysis treatment plan under Clear AlignerPLN 900
Clear Aligner (1 arch – 3 overlays)PLN 1500
Clear Aligner controlPLN 250
Removal of fixed braces, cleaning of teeth + retainers + retention platesPLN 1600
bite corector long, shortPLN 1300
expanderPLN 650
rotatorPLN 650
STOPPI teatPLN 300
repositioning railPLN 1000
Bonding a new retainerPLN 270

Paediatric dentistry

Overview/ regular patient PLN 50
adaptation visits for children PLN 100
sealing (1 tooth) PLN 100
fillings in a deciduous tooth from PLN 180 to 250
glazing in deciduous teeth PLN 150
extraction of a deciduous tooth from PLN 200 to 350
frenulum undercut from PLN 300 to 500
Computer-assisted anaesthesia FREE


Periodontal examination PLN 300
Periodontal check-ups PLN 100
Closed curettage (half of 1 arch) PLN 300
Open curettage (without price of biomaterial) PLN 1000


Complex hygienization with hygiene instruction (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)from PLN 350 to 400
Stone removalPLN 250

Dental X-ray diagnostics (digital)

Inspection, examination of the state of the mouth and discussion of the X-ray PLN 100
Specialist prosthetic-implantological consultation with case presentation and execution of a comprehensive treatment plan PLN 200
Pantomographic or cephalometric lateral skull photograph PLN 100
Computed tomography of the maxilla or mandible PLN 230
Computed tomography of the maxilla and mandible PLN 460
Computed tomography of the selected area (3-4 teeth) PLN 150