PRODENT team training Gdansk - Poland

PRODENT team training in 2021

Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska - prezentacja zgryzu
Knowledge is the key to everything! Keeping this thought in mind, we are constantly training, improving our qualifications, going on practical courses to expand our knowledge and take advantage of the latest scientific developments.
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This 2021 alone, despite the difficult time of the pandemic, we have managed, following the latest trends and innovations in dentistry and implantology, to attend courses, among others:


By taking practical courses from the master, world leader in soft tissue work Dr Marius Steigmann, Dr Ewa has gained a higher degree of ‘initiation’ in the surgical management of soft tissues during complex patient treatment. Everything she can offer the patient around implants is of the highest quality and completely safe, as evidenced by the excellent long-term results in our patients.

dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska i dr Marius Steigmann Training series - Dr. Marius Steigmann

In June, Dr Ewa participated in a special 3-day intensive course: “DSD- digital smile design journey” dedicated to digital smile planning protocols.

This treatment can be designed, without the need to take impressions, the patient can be seen in a photo in the tried-on proposed new veneers, for example, before the treatment starts. You can read more about this topic here.

In August 2021, Dr Ewa, together with Dr Izabela Pietruczuk and Dr Dorota Cudnik, had the pleasure of attending the weekend conference “II Days of Occlusion “ in Sopot. The lecturers included:
Professor Mariano Rocabado- creator of many theories and classifications concerning the temporomandibular joint, a great "II days of Occlusion"
Professor Jan Pietruski -practitioner, scientist for many years involved in the holistic treatment of patients, author of the excellent publication Occlusion in practice.
training "II days of Occlusion"
This very interesting conference provided the opportunity to compare the latest protocols for working with patients requiring complex and collaborative treatment of their occlusion, management prior to orthodontic treatment and stabilisation of the occlusion after treatment of their defects. Well-planned treatment, must include the execution of all its stages, i.e. splinting, orthodontic treatment, surgical treatment or, ultimately, prosthetic treatment in correct occlusion. Only a mutually protected occlusion gives a stable and long-lasting treatment effect and patient satisfaction.

In September, out of a select group of specialist implantologists from Poland, Dr Ewa attended a practical course in Braga, Portugal. The course was intended for international dentists who already place dental implants, but who want to expand their knowledge, improve it and actually perform complex surgical procedures with immediate prosthetic restoration.

NEOARCH is a system of work which allows for the creation of an immediate restoration on implants for patients with missing teeth, usually 4 or 6 implants. Patients gain a permanently screwed-on job in one day, they can laugh, bite, smile, have no moving dentures or falling out teeth, and their new smile stays with them for years.

course NEOARCH

course NEOARCH

  • Dental assistants

In September 2021, our assistants took part in the AYSTDENT course, which took place in Lodz, Poland. AYSTDENT is a series of 15 lectures and more than 20 workshops covering topics from a wide range of dental disciplines. Each participant was able to develop their knowledge to suit their practice.

“Lots of interesting lectures and workshops until you don’t know what to choose. The whole thing was great but I liked the workshops in smaller groups the most. We were given a lot of materials and samples and you could take away a lot of knowledge. It was the first time I took part in a workshop but certainly not the last,” – said Karolina.



Remember patients, your health, safety and excellent treatment successes are our priority, winging us and resulting in the best services we as a clinic can offer you!