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Quality Certificate of the KnownLekarz.pl platform

Dr Katarzyna Ruchlewicz leczy zęby
Dr Katarzyna Ruchelwicz, thanks to her full commitment and hard work, has been recognised by the portal ZnanyLekarz.pl which awarded the Doctor with a Certificate of Quality!
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Dr Kasia took her first career steps in our clinic as an intern.

Throughout her years of practice, she has looked in depth at her ‘fellow practitioners’ while exploring the field of dentistry.

Today, after years of working in the clinic, he has the full trust from our patients, as confirmed by the quality certificate received from the portal ZnanyLekarz.pl

ZnanyLekarz.pl is a website that allows patients to publish reviews of doctors and make medical appointments online..

The certificate is awarded to doctors who have gained:

  • a large number of positive feedbacks
  • high average overall doctor’s assessment
  • high percentage of appointments made through the platform.


quality certificate of ZnanyLekarz


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