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Joanna Bobryk Dentist

Joanna Bobryk

Dr. stom.

I am a graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk (now Gdansk Medical University), I graduated in 1996.

From 1996 to 1997, I did my postgraduate training at the District Clinic No. 2 in Kaletnicza Street, then worked at the District Clinic No. 11 in Galczyńskiego Street until 2001.

From 2002 to 2005, I worked at a private dental practice in Gdansk-Brzeźno.

Professionally, my longest association is with the dental clinic “Prodent”, where I have been treating patients since 2000.

I have participated in dozens of courses, trainings and scientific conferences in the fields of prosthodontics, endodontics, prevention and conservative and aesthetic dentistry.

I have also participated in many editions of Dental Fairs, National Dental Conferences and the Gdansk Dental Forum.

I practise my profession with passion, especially in the field of conservative dentistry and prosthodontics. I am always guided by the good of the patient, I consider all possible solutions to a given problem, taking into account the prognosis and expectations of the patient. I am assisted in this by my many years of professional experience and courses and training, thanks to which I am constantly improving my qualifications.

I endeavour to be composed and sympathetic to the Patient and keep them informed of the actions being taken at any given time.

After business hours, I enjoy walks with my two dogs, hikes and treks in the mountains. In my free time I enjoy reading books.

PROFESSIONAL CREDO: Use your knowledge and skills to the best of your ability.