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Izabela Pietruczuk


I am a graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk, where I received my dental diploma in 2000. Since the beginning of my education at the Faculty of Dentistry, my passion has been orthodontics. Since 2001, I have been continuously educating myself to develop this passion. I have completed numerous training courses covering a wide range of aspects of orthodontic treatment, such as treatment of various types of dental and skeletal defects, orthodontic-surgical treatment of gnatic defects, treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, bringing back retained teeth, functional treatment during growth and many others.

In addition to my clinical work, I have been a member of the team organising the Dr Larry Brown Orthodontic Seminars of California training series for orthodontists and general dentists since 2010.

As a result of attending many interesting orthodontic courses and being at the forefront of orthodontic education as a lecturer and consultant, I have developed my skills as an orthodontist constantly improving my performance.

At PRODENT clinic I deal with orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults, following my philosophy of treatment which is to achieve an optimal bite with preservation of the correct position of the condyles in the temporomandibular joint and a beautiful smile harmonising with the aesthetics of the face.

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