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Treating Toothache – Effective Pain Management

A toothache is an important signal from your body. It should not be underestimated! In our clinic, we always look for the cause of the toothache and select the appropriate treatment method.
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Toothache is an unpleasant phenomenon, making it difficult to function in everyday life, giving us a signal that something wrong is happening in our organism. The reason may be either a carious cavity, inflammation of a nerve or tooth pulp, or gangrene, but sometimes the source of the problem is completely different. Our job at Prodent is to make the correct diagnosis in order to help the patient as effectively as possible.

Possible causes of emerging pain:

• carious cavity
• inflammation of the nerve, pulp of the tooth
• pulp gangrene
• chronic inflammation of the tissues around the root
• exposed tooth necks
• wedge-shaped cavities
• periodontal abscess
• erupting wisdom teeth (eights)
• overbite (due to abnormal contacts between upper and lower teeth)
• excessive tooth abrasion
• enamel loss in cases of bulimia or reflux (excessive stomach acid)
• root fractures even after proper root canal treatment
• abnormal interdental contacts in cases of untreated malocclusion
• undiagnosed inflammatory lesions around the tooth root.

We are here to help you. In our clinic, we always look for the cause of your toothache and choose the right treatment method. In caries-related problems, we can help by placing a composite filling or onlay, in the case of a bacteria-infected pulp, by performing root canal treatment. We can diagnose bite contact difficulties through a Gerber examination. We always diagnose the reasons for our patients’ discomfort on the spot by performing the necessary radiological examinations, always consulting with our specialists, the orthodontist and the surgeon, so as to remove all the sources of the problems.

Dr. Dominika Urbanowicz points out how we treat toothache