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When Should You Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Leczenie ortodontyczne - aparat na zęby
The rule of thumb is - the earlier, the better. In this way, the treatment time is reduced and we can count on more lasting results. It is recommended that the child's first visit to the orthodontist should take place around the age of 7, or even earlier if the dentist or paediatrician sees the need for consultation at a younger age.
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Malocclusion already occurs in childhood, so it is worth going with your child to the dentist to check the condition of the teeth and occlusion. At Prodent, every young patient diagnosed with a bite problem is referred to an orthodontist. A properly treated young patient has a good chance of having a perfect bite in adult life. We treat malocclusion in young children mainly with special trainers made of medical silicone and removable braces. When the majority of permanent teeth appear, the orthodontist will recommend treatment with fixed braces. These braces are the best and safest method for treating malocclusion.

At Prodent, the orthodontist will offer our patients:

  • removable orthodontic appliances – mainly for children, treating through
  • fixed metal orthodontic appliance – as the basic appliance glued to the teeth, treating most malocclusions
  • fixed aesthetic braces – as an alternative for those who value aesthetics during orthodontic treatment
  • trans palatal appliance – in situations where palatal suture expansion is required
  • trainer in the case of small patients with deciduous teeth, also serving to get rid of bad habits, e.g. thumb-sucking

In the case of temporomandibular joint problems, the orthodontist commissions an examination according to Professor Gerber to determine the central relationship, i.e. the best anatomical position of the mandible for the patient.

If there are problems with the gums (periodontium), the patient will be referred for a periodontal consultation before treatment with fixed braces.

In the case of gingival recession, we perform procedures to cover gingival recessions.

fixed braces on teeth

We invite you all to an orthodontic consultation.