Porcelain veneers

Dr. Ewa Odya with Patient Ewa, who admits “thanks to your doctor’s actions I can smile boldly wide.”

Best on the Market – ITero Intraoral Scanner

In the interest of our patients, the clinic has purchased the latest iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral scanner. Thanks to the purchase of the new scanner, the whole process of patient planning and treatment is much simpler and very user-friendly.

Is malocclusion worth treating?

...ортодонтія дозволяє мати гарну посмішку, але перш за все вона запобігає появі каріозних порожнин і запаленню пульпи зуба.  Завдяки кращій гігієні порожнини рота вона запобігає пародонтозу, стиранню та руйнуванню зубів, а також дозволяє скронево-нижньощелепному суглобу та жувальним м'язам працювати належним чином.

Malocclusion is present in around 80 per cent of the population, which means that most of us can be affected by this problem.

‘DSD – Digital Smile Planning’

What is DSD? It is a state-of-the-art digital personal smile design concept created by Dr Christian Coachman – a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic dentistry.

Comprehensive treatment – the case of Mr Martin

Marcin is 45 years old and came to our practice on recommendation. He had problems with a number of teeth – inflammation, pain when eating, a missing sixth tooth visible in his smile, causing problems when chewing and an unsightly permanent restoration (crown) on the upper one.

PRODENT team training in 2021

Knowledge is the key to everything! Keeping this thought in mind, we are constantly training, improving our qualifications, going on practical courses to expand our knowledge and take advantage of the latest scientific developments.

When Should You Start Orthodontic Treatment?

The rule of thumb is – the earlier, the better. In this way, the treatment time is reduced and we can count on more lasting results. It is recommended that the child’s first visit to the orthodontist should take place around the age of 7, or even earlier if the dentist or paediatrician sees the need for consultation at a younger age.