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Canal treatment Gdansk
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Microscopic endodontics in Gdansk - Prodent

leczenie zęba pod mikroskopem w Gdańsku

The treatment microscope allows the imaging field to be magnified from several to up to 40 times. This allows our endodontists to easily identify the mouths of all root canals, remove broken instruments and treat even the most difficult curved canals.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

Leczenie Kanałowe Gdańsk

Canal treatment Gdansk

Properly performed root canal ( endodontic) treatment guarantees the preservation of teeth for many years, even those that were previously condemned to extraction. In this way, the costs incurred are recouped.

These teeth can function independently or are very often used as a pillar in a porcelain bridge. A prerequisite for the long-term maintenance of a tooth after proper endodontic treatment is its restoration. Teeth with filled canals are weaker, hollow inside, more desiccated – they resemble an ouster and can very easily break when biting. Proper strengthening of the tooth tissues is therefore essential.

Depending on their number, the doctor will suggest the best solution for you:

  • Glass fibre insert with composite housing
  • Cast metal inlay with porcelain crown
  • Porcelain onlay or endocorona

Precision and efficiency in endodontic treatment, is our priority.

Dental instruments in our clinic

Root canal treatment in Gdansk at Prodent is always carried out by our endodontic specialists under the control of a treatment microscope – Leica or Zeiss. This equipment has an additional LED light source for imaging the entire root canal, special filters facilitating the finding of the canal orifices, as well as a vision path, thanks to which it is possible to take a digital photo from inside the tooth chamber.
Root canal treatment under the microscope in Gdansk

Difficult endodontic cases in the age of modern dentistry

In our clinic, the doctors deal with root canal treatment even in the most complicated cases requiring specialised skills.

Such situations include:

  • anatomically difficult canals in curved roots with atypical course, preventing proper preparation and tight filling of the canals
  • poorly treated or improperly filled root canals during previous treatment, causing inflammation at the root apex
  • broken root canal instruments requiring removal
  • the need to find and unblock spelled ducts
  • endodontic re-treatment of apparently properly filled canals, but with ongoing inflammation due to the presence of bacteria

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leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem Gdańsk
Gdańsk leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem
leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem
leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem Gdańsk
Gdańsk leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem
leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem
Root canal treatment under the microscope in Gdansk.

How do we solve difficult endodontic cases at Prodent?

For complicated cases, the first step is always digital diagnostics. On-site at the clinic, we perform a cone beam CT scan. This gives us a 3D view of the canal anatomy on the monitor. We then isolate the treatment area with a cofferdam, set up the microscope and prepare the canals with Protaper, M-two rotary systems using a Smart endodontic handpiece. We control the working length of the canals using a Rypax endometer. In some cases, we additionally disinfect the canals with a laser, after which the canals are flushed and filled with liquid gutta-percha with the Be-fill device, which guarantees the tightness of the filling and gets rid of all bacteria. The tooth treated in this way is properly protected, after which the doctor takes X-ray control pictures. We give our patients a long-term guarantee for the performed root canal treatment services .