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Ewa Odya-Bojanowska Dentist

Ewa Odya–Bojanowska

dr. stom.

Graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk in 2000, she did her postgraduate internship at the 7th Naval Hospital in Gdansk.

In 2011, she completed the prestigious Implantology Curriculum at Goethe University Frankfurt, where she is currently continuing her education with a postgraduate Master of Science in Oral Implantology.

Already during her studies, she began to expand her specialist knowledge by attending courses and conferences around the world.

Specialist seminar: “Modern concepts for implant-supported prosthetic restoration: occlusion – function – aesthetics” – Italy 2010.

Specialist Seminar: “Treatment of gingival recessions in interdisciplinary periodontal and implant therapy”. – Germany 2010

International Team of Implantology World Symposium, Switzerland 2010

Specialised Course in Sinus Lift Treatments – “Cadaver Hands-on Workshop”, Mediterranean Prosthodontic Institute, Castellon de la Plana, Spain 2013

Practical course “Soft tissue management in dental implantology” – Anatomy Training Centre, Medical University of Vienna, Austria 2014

A year-long series of training courses on the rehabilitation of the masticatory organ according to Professor A.Gerber completed with a masters course led by Max Bosshart “Function and Aesthetics according to Gerber Philosophy in fixed prosthodontic restorations” – Poland 2015-2016

Soft tissue training in implantology – Curitiba, Brazil 2017

  • Specialist course “Augmentation procedures: bones harvesting techniques, augmentation and soft tissue surgery”, Prof.Dr.F.Khoury – Germany 2018
  • Specialised course – “The Chairside Approach WeldOne and Conometric Concept” – Dr. Marco Degidi, Bologna Italy 2019
  • Specialist course – “Implant related soft tissue management”- Dr. Otto Zuhr, Munich Germany 2019
  • Practical course in surgical techniques in implantology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria 2019
  • Medical course – “Surgery and prosthetics in an expert edition”, Poland 2019
  • Practical course – Tissue management, Poland 2020

He is a member of the Polish Implantology Association and the Duetsche Geselschaft fur Orale Implantology, International Team of Implantology

She has been working at her own dental clinic Prodent in Gdansk for 17 years. He is able to establish a friendly relationship with each patient, empathise with their needs and thus guide them through the most difficult stages of treatment painlessly, comfortably and in a friendly atmosphere. He treats patients holistically, always searching inquisitively for the cause of the problem so that he can eliminate it, maintaining a broad view of the entire organism. This holistic approach is appreciated by patients and results in long-term cooperation. He systematically enriches his workshop by implementing digital technologies: “Digital Smile Design”, “Guided Surgery” templates, CADCAM work design, scanners and other modern technologies used in dentistry.

From the beginning of her career, prosthetics became her passion, which she enhanced over time by introducing implants into her treatment. The achievements of the doctor’s work include hundreds of documented implantations and implant and prosthetic rehabilitations.

Ewa Odya-Bojanowska Dentist by vocation, passionate and empathetic. Competent and focused on patients’ problems.