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Conservative dentistry Gdansk
- prevention is paramount

What does conservative dentistry do?

Conservative dentistry focuses on the treatment and prevention of tooth decay. Its source can be traced back to a diet rich in sugar, which, combined with the presence of bacteria in the mouth, leads to the destruction of enamel tissues. A visit to the dentist is intended to stop the development of decay and further protect the teeth against its recurrence. In this way, the patient does not have to worry about the presence of an infection – if, of course, he or she is mindful of proper oral hygiene.

Conservative treatment options at Prodent?

The way in which caries is treated depends on the stage of development of the disease – as it progresses, it requires increasingly invasive measures. It is always the dentist’s decision to choose the right solution. It is worth knowing that each anaesthesia administered in our Clinics is FREE, including the modern computerised TheWand, SliperOne.

Excellent oral hygiene is the way to maintain a healthy smile for years to come.

At our Clinic, we offer you a full range of conservative dentistry and caries prevention services:

Oral hygiene with hygiene instruction – ultrasonic scaling:

  • Removal of superficial and deeper enamel discolouration-sandblasting
  • Treatment of initial caries (white spots) without drilling with ICON
  • Fissure sealing with fluoride varnish
  • Teeth varnishing with Duraphat varnish
  • Treatment of tooth hypersensitivity (biostimulation laser, Elmex-gelee)
  • Treatment of tooth decay by restoring shape, function, colour and aesthetics with modern composite materials GC G-aenial, Gradia,Enamel
  • Restoration of a severely damaged or root canal-treated tooth with a fibreglass post (Fiber Kor, Rely, Rebilda)
  • Biological treatment of very deep caries using glass ionomers from GC-Fuji VII, Fuji IX, and Biodetine material

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